The Weeknd’s new Girlfriend Bianca Anchieta in Kresnt’s D.Y.D. Music Video

The Weeknd, who was recently spotted with Bella Hadid in Paris, seems to have a knack for going under the radar during a breakup.

However, his recent project My Dear Melancholy, spilled his feelings for his ex Selena Gomez, we have come to discover that Abel has been taking advantage of the single life to meet Brazilian Model Bianca Anchieta. Bianca and the multi-platinum artist were spotted in a Japanese restaurant and later she was seen with him in a mansion that Abel rented in the Botanical Garden.

According to columnist Leo Dias, of the daily O Dia, the model has made numerous Instagram Stories in the mansion.

Recently, Bianca has teamed up with Vancouver-Based Rapper/Singer Kresnt to present a Sexy, flirty Music Video Directed by Raphael “Zectrix” Regis and DOP Paolo Altruda from TiV Productions. The Music Production of “D.Y.D” came from Kresnt’s long time Producer and Engineer 40K; who was one of the masterminds’ behind Kresnt’s latest project as well. As a singer, songwriter, 40K also appears on “On the Line” from “The Lunar Phase” EP.

Kresnt has been on a roll with his last video reaching over a million youtube views, this melodic single contains the recipe for another viral smash.

Watch Kresnts D.Y.D Music Video Below

The Weeknd



Bianca Anchieta:

Picking Shades Of Blush

In today’s video, I discussing how to be wearing bronzer and blush together. This is a common question I get, as well as how to pick shades of bronzer and blush. I also get questions on how to apply bronzer and then layer your blush on top so that both blend together nicely. I go over some ironclad ways to pick shades and did a demo of how to apply bronzer and layer blush. I hope this video helps you out if these are concerns and questions you have had about wearing bronzer and blush together!

Picking Shades Of Bronzer And Blush

Business Loans With Bad Credit

Small business set up loans to help you grow your business. An unsecured small business loan can offer your company the fiscal”boost” it needs to grow, buy product. Or hire employees. Envision the possibilities! But desiring an unsecured small business loan and getting one are two very different things. An unsecured loan usually come with extremely good rates of interest, fees and terms. But so as to be eligible for these loans, you generally have to have above average credit. A great deal of set up business owners are under the misconception that they may apply for an unsecured business loan under their new business federal id. But that’s not true. Unsecured financing can be quite risky. A bank won’t need to take the risk on a new business unless the business owner has excellent credit and gives a PERSONAL guarantee.

What if you have bad credit?

Well there are companies that will provide you an unsecured small business loan, but it will be at a MUCH higher rate than somebody with good credit.Entrepreneurs, who do not have collateral to supply, find unsecured small business loans a good alternative, which help them expand their business to new horizons. They’re just needed to make regular repayments to the creditor without any apprehension of their business assets being repossessed by the lending company in case of defaults. At the exact same time, small businessmen who opt for unsecured small business loans ought to be ready to pay a bit higher interest as compared to other credit choices. However, interest rates may fluctuate depending on the credit history of the businessmen.

When you apply for your loan, make sure you figure out the requirements of the lending bank. Do they require a business plan? Is it 100 percent credit driven? Can they work with a completely new set up or do they require some time in company?

Your goal is to earn the lender feel as though your loan request is relatively safe. They won’t have any collateral to fall back on. If you have awful credit you may want to have someone with good credit cosign for you personally. These factors go a long way in shaping the success of the loan proposal. A great loan proposal should convince the lender that this loan, against all odds, will be paid back fully. There is an extremely high percentage of set up company defaults. Mainly because so many lenders are leery of lending money to another venture. You need to stand out in a good way.

Applying for the actual loan is relatively simple and fast. Its normally a 1 page application and a few pages on what sort of business you are running. Approval times are also very fast. Usually within 3 days of the loan submission.

Best Coconut Oil for Keto Die

If you consider it, purchasing Best Coconut Oil for Keto Die used to be a fairly simple process. You would locate a company selling coconut oil, purchase the coconut oil, as well as assume you were getting the “good stuff” straight from the coconut tree.

But with time, many people have actually gotten up to the amazing benefits not just of coconut oil, but likewise a non-gluten as well as ketogenic diet.

I have actually blogged about this in a totally free overview, so you can spot “real” gluten-free keto friendly coconut oil as well as obtain all the fantastic benefits from this really fashionable yet clinically shown lifestyle.

The concerns stay though: have most coconut oil makers made certain they are supplying pure products to those who are pursuing a gluten cost-free or keto lifestyle? Or who even have sensitive health and wellness problems that demand that products be packaged in a gluten free setting, separated from any kind of irritants, consisting of GMOs, soy, wheat, corn, nuts, or even shellfish?

Sadly, the huge bulk time the response is a sobbing “no”.

And honestly, even for organic companies in the USA, it’s truly hard to find a place that isn’t a cesspool of cross contamination of an entire panoply of irritants with a lot processed food being refined on the devices of copackers.

So let’s take a glance at the key of avoiding these impurities in your coconut oil, consider the one blunder that many are still making, and think about the benefits of staying non-gluten as well as going keto.

The bright side is that in spite of the difficulty American producers have with searching for gluten- and also allergen-free facilities to refine their food, consisting of coconut oil, in places like Sri Lanka it is feasible to keep a pure item pure by packing imported food in the native land.

As long as you are packing in a relied on FDA center with oversight by a good company, packing outside of the U.S.A. is the best method to keep products pure. Certain, product packaging alternatives could be extra limited. But you’ll see below that there’s something that consumers can do about that too.

2. Which almost implies, that you need to seek those certified products with their gluten-free and allergy free tags to avoid the impurities pestering a lot of our supermarket food today.

3. Responsible firms also do periodic R5 ELISA examinations. These examinations are important for those celiacs that are oversensitive to gluten. When a business’s item has passed one of these Third party tests, it implies the gluten is undetectable (ie practically absent). After all, why gamble if you are at risk to anaphylactic shock, specifically when GMOs and also allergens are so common in American food? So if you have questions regarding the company, request the R5 ELISA outcomes.

4. With lots of people wanting and even needing the benefits of a ketogenic diet plan, it additionally aids to recognize that some coconut oils are extra ketogenic than others. This is because in places like Sri Lanka, the rich volcanic soil aids the coconuts produce even more MCTs (tool chain triglycerides) from the oil of the coconuts, which help turbo charge the results of a keto meal plan.

Simply puts, though numerous ketogenic dieters promptly discover that coconut oil is rather of a staple in their weight-loss regiment when they begin a keto program, many cannot recognize, that MCTs are accountable for the results in a big method.

Being more ketogenic generating than the long chain triglycerides present, MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride oil) is the fraction of coconut oil that is much more very ketogenic, containing capric, caproic and also specifically caprylic triglycerides.

So while there is some debate in eating MCT oil in addition to coconut oil, the higher MCT structure of coconut oil from Sri Lanka, is not just terrific for losing fat around the stubborn belly, as well as fat loss generally, it’s additionally very important in the formation of ketones, which are really fantastic for the mind, as well as according to several scientists, have a duty in avoidance and treatment of neurodegeneratiive diseases like Alzheimers.

Remarkably sufficient, though the American Heart Association warmly suggests vegetable oil instead of coconut oil, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease has really climbed in Sri Lanka since individuals of that island have actually been convinced to quit their ghee, coconut oil, and mustrd oil and rather use the advised polyunsaturated fats such as corn, sunflower, or safflower oils.

Yet their diet plan of getting as high as 63% of their power from coconut and its oil is nothing brand-new.

Back in the 1930s, Dr. Weston Rate discovered South Pacific Islanders whose diet plans were high in coconut as well as its oil were healthy and balanced and trim, with heart problem being basically non-existent. And also fifty years later on, in 1981, researchers examining two Polynesian neighborhoods for which coconut was the key caloric energy source found them to likewise have exceptional cardio health and wellness.

To puts it simply, with the hydrogenated fat in coconut oil reducing cholesterol and also triglyceride matters, eliminating coconut’s unique LDL cholesterol could in fact raise your danger of heart disease.

Research study, in fact, supports that maintaining to a high fat as well as low carb diet plan decreases the size of LDL cholesterol, making it much less most likely to collect in your arteries and obstruct blood circulation. Diet plans that are high in carbs and reduced in fat increase the danger of metabolic disorder actually putting you at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease.

Additional Benefits of Particularly Sourced Keto Oil from Sri Lanka

The last benefit of much coconut oil from Sri Lanka is that it is not bottled in plastic containers. Producers of coconut oil, that have handed down their craft from generation to generation, are aware of the risk of leaching of plastic jars. And also the proof of plastic air pollution now existing to the general public might now be called common, otherwise ravaging.

Consider this: Americans utilized 50 billion plastic canteen alone in 2014. And with the U.S.’s reusing price of plastic being only 23 percent, we could approximate that 38 billion canteen are wasted every year (ie end up in our setting).

The functional repercussions? Consider this: it has actually been revealed that 93 percent of that bottled water has been examined has been shown to have plastic fragment contamination. To puts it simply, the plastic that is seeped from containers such as the plastic containers of coconut oil winds up in our streams, rivers, and also seas, as well as yes, also in the “detoxified” water we get in bottles, or even from the tap.

It has actually gotten so negative, that these plastic bits are beginning to be located airborne we breathe.

Even removing the feared BPA, does not address the issue. bisphenol-S (BPS), phthalates, dioxins, and other chemicals in plastic have actually been revealed to do much damages to our bodies, and also the environment. The damages to hormones, digestive system, as well as mind is too much to listing here, but needless to say these plastics are hard to obtain out of our bodies (and atmospheres) when they’re in. So don’t deal with the allergic reactions and weight gain connected with a body heavy on contaminants, skip the plastic whenever you can.


The bright side is that there are some business out there that have actually taken their duty to source not just gluten totally free as well as keto-rich coconut oil in order to help those with allergies satisfy their wellness goals, some have also put this liquid magic in a (cardboard supported) glass container.

In fact, in admiration for our hard work right here at Coconut Nation Living, our consumers have recently revealed their appreciation by making us make the’s Choice honor for our organic gluten-free cost-free coconut oil.

For us the choice to make it so health and wellness friendly was easy: our providers informed us they wouldn’t package this top quality coconut oil in anything purchase a glass container. Besides, why spoil it allowing it take in plastic?

To celebrate our honor as well as bring the issue of plastic contamination to the leading edge of the environmental discussion, we are using a special on this’s Option Organic Coconut Oil in a glass jar. And also for a minimal time, you can also obtain it with an unique bonus offer from Kindle very popular author Michael DiSalvo: Coconut Oil Tricks of Health and also Beauty. This easy-to-use guide will aid you understand the fact concerning why coconut oil works the magic that it does. Not simply in your body, however even on your body, your skin, or even your teeth!

So if you ‘d like to assist Coconut Nation Residing in its objective to recover the globe through delicious superfoods as well as eliminate unsafe single use plastic, all while getting just what’s been called the most effective coconut oil on the marketplace, right here’s your chance.

See why the old-fashioned, non-crossbred trees prospering in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil have actually generated the abundant velvety coconut oil of Coconut Nation. As well as appreciate this special reward from everything from coconut oil fat bombs and paleo fudge to coconut oil popcorn, spicy kale as well as coconut mix fry, as well as Southwest loaded wonderful potato french fries.

So whatcha waiting on, update your coconut oil, and we’ll see you in Coconut Country!

Check it out here:

Easy Summer Makeup

I created a sunkissed makeup look for summer with lots of warm tones, from one of my favorite Morphe palettes. My husband did the voiceover for me today – and I must say – it’s rather funny to have my husband talk to y’all about makeup for summer! I don’t think he ever used the word “sunkissed” or “summer” but he does know more than I thought! LOL! Hope you enjoy this look and can see how to get your skin sunkissed for the summer!

Husband Does My Voiceover

Melhor Produtores Angolano

Chris Hamiwest and Nelo Bezzy offer us the clip of their very TRAP Afro title “Swag Mobutu” which comes straight from Angola. A clip at the height of the explosive sound. The video is very well scripted.

Bezzy Bomaye

Madrid Guide

If you are wondering about Things to Do in Madrid, Spain on your next vacation, think no more! This Spain Travel Guide will take you on an adventure all around Madrid. Madrid is the capital city of Spain and has a lot to offer! From the stunning architecture to the thriving food scene and amazing nightlife you’ll find something that you love about Madrid.

Things To Do In Madrid

This Madrid Travel Guide takes you on a journey in the capital city of Spain. We will visit some of the best attractions in Madrid, eat amazing Spanish food, and explore all the hidden gems. This travel guide covers some of the top places to visit if you are traveling to Madrid for a vacation soon. Also, I’ll take you on an adventure around the city of Madrid as we interact with the locals and discover some amazing history and facts that you didn’t know about Madrid. I hope you enjoy this vlog about Madrid, Spain because it took me a long time to capture this footage.

Wake Me up When September Ends

Here’s a Piano Cover of Green Day’s Evergreen – Wake Me Up When September Ends!


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Wrinkles Women Beauty

As Stella Ralfini says ‘There’s 71 and 71. Depends how you feel and I’m rocking my age.’ More and more women are trying Stella’s natural homemade beauty recipes to keep their skin in tip-top condition. Join her in her new video series and let her show you how to have skin like a celebrity’s at very little cost. In Lesson 1, you learn how to make Stella’s fantastic essential oil anti-aging serum as she urges you to embrace sunscreen and ditch your day cream. Her book ‘Sensual Sorcery’ will be published later this year.

Wrinkles Women Beauty